How to Fix MTN FastLink Huawei Modem Error

MTN F@stLink.exe crashes in Windows7
For those that have updated / upgraded their MTN fastlink Huawei modem.
At times, The MTN F@stLink.exe user interface shuts down when started, returning an error "MTN F@stLink has stopped working - This may be caused by a program".

They find it difficult running the software at all anymore.
This happens when the modem is not properly removed from the usb port.
One of the solution is to uninstall the Mtn fastlink software and reinstall it back or to use the dial up connection.
Today I will be sharing the fastest way to solve this problem.
No need to uninstall and reinstall the MTN fastlink software.
Click Windows on the taskbar > Computer > Local disk (C:) > Program files or Program file (x86) > MTN online or MTN F@stLink
delete the Userdata directory and the MTN F@stLink User Interface starts working again.
It's cool solving the problem yourself.